“She get's the job done
in a way no other would.”

Amazing reviews form clients

John Doe


PT, BSC Physiotherapist & Faculty Member Dawson College

Veronique is a proactive, dynamic and enthusiastic person who has helped me to manage and grow my physiotherapy practice.

Her ability to learn and quickly adapt to novel situations was instrumental to ensuring a smoothly run clinical practice.

Her warm, welcoming and optimistic demeanour made for a very pleasant work environment, not only for clientele, but for me as well.

Nix Maxwell


Owner-Nurse Clinique Médico Esthétique ECLAT

With Veronique, I feel supported and guided in my decisions. My encounter with her was decisive on many levels.

She guided me in many decisions and took me to unexplored avenues. Each consultation has proved highly beneficial through the exchange of her knowledge and skills.

She is definitely a major asset when you are developing a medical practice.

John Doe


Industrial Psychologist & Board Member at CHUQ

Véronique is a woman of action whose dynamism and creativity prove beneficial to the development of high value-added in any project.

She is a high potential resource that has the strength to change any entrepreneurial project with creativity, innovation and a strong sense of patient experience.

Through her expertise and professional skills, she will know how to accompany you or guide you in the success of your projects.

Nix Maxwell


MSc, Dentist at EuroMed Clinic Dubaï

Veronique is unique in the field and very lucky and clever those that trust their businesses in her hands. She's the best I've seen and I really wish her all the best.

John Doe

Ilan Amgar


Veronique has to be the best consultant out there. Not only is she fun to work with but she gets the job done in a way that no other would. She is so motivated and will motivate you to attain your goals with such class!

Nix Maxwell

Madelaine Caissie

Owner at Sparkle MediSpa

I know success hinges on surrounding yourself with the best team, so I couldn’t be more grateful to have found this little Instagram that exceeded every expectation. Rather than trying to fit our practice into some cookie-cutter mold, Vero took the time to learn who we are face to face. She analyzed the business, working at the macro and micro levels to solidify our brand vision, develop customer service protocols, and even advise on equipment purchase decisions. Vero delivers her versatile strategic insight with full energy and a rare ability adapt her approach when engaging with varied professional staff.

Vero may start as a consultant, but she soon proves to be an invaluable friend to a blossoming practice. Veronique Coulombe is a true passionate. Thank you!

John Doe


Nutritionist & President at Vibe Juice

As a mentor, Veronique accompanies me since the launch of my business. She helps me explore the many possibilities of a business vision and supports me in the integration of new strategies.

Vero has a beautiful energy and each meeting is inspiring. I can always count on her for valuable ideas and suggestions, always in parallel with my vision.

I appreciate her way of working and I would recommend her to all colleagues and friends who wish to raise their business to higher levels.

Nix Maxwell

Judith Azuelos Jasmin

Patient Coordinator

Veronique is a top, highly qualified entrepreneur who will help train your staff and overall practice.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a young, energetic consultant who has many years of experience. Hands down amazing.

John Doe


DDS, MSc, FRCD(C) Maxilofacial Surgeon

Veronique is a dynamic person who’s not afraid of hard work. We certainly benefited from Her presence on our team.

Her friendliness is contagious. She was a ray of sunshine keeping us warm. Thank you Veronique.

Nix Maxwell


CKI Clinic

Veronique is a passionate and exciting person. From our first meeting, she was all ears to clearly identify my type of practice and my needs. She is very clear about her skills and her lifelong desire to learn.

Her advices are of great value and I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to scale their practice. Thank you Vero!