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Veronique Coulombe CEO at Medical Blossom

Veronique’s approach is based on more than 10 years of national and international consulting experience working directly with medical professionals and dentists, helping them develop profitable practices.

This rich and diverse experience has allowed Veronique to support healthcare professionals in practice development and offers a unique view on the reality that physicians and managers face. This dedication to the healthcare industry and its many facets of management will guide you to a flourishing and successful practice.

Veronique has led many to succeed, and, using the best strategies that will fast-track your growth, she can do the same for you too.


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Book your strategic coaching session with Veronique to receive expert guidance through a 90 minutes video conference call.

Throughout this process, she will help you establish a comprehensive plan of action offer strategic advices and personalized solutions tailored specifically to your practice to help you work more efficiently, generate more revenue and convert more patients into paying appointments.

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More reviews

Sandra McGill
Plastic Surgeon

She knew the steps that needed to be put into place so that our patient flow would improve and their experience would improve. -Sandra McGill
Plastic Surgeon

Ilan Amgar

Veronique has to be the best consultant out there. Not only is she fun to work with but she gets the job done in a way that no other would. She is so motivated and will motivate you to attain your goals with such class!

Sofia Aeavopoulou

Veronique is unique in the field and very lucky and clever those that trust their businesses in her hands. She's the best I've seen and I really wish her all the best.

Micheal Martella
Senior Adviser - Assante

Medical blossom truly brings a fresh new starts to build grow and expend medical practices.